"Building Strong families --> leads to Strong Communities -->leads to Strong City --> leads to Strong State and that --> leads to Strong Nation." - Naoufal Houjami


VOTE Naoufal Houjami For Mayor of Houston 2023


"Everyone deserves an opportunity because opportunity opens doors for prosperity"

Inclusive + Integrity + Independent + Experience = Working For You

                                                                                       People first over Money

As a Mayor of Houston, it will be:


-->NO Covid-X Shots MANDATE

-->NO shutdowns of Houston businesses

-->NO lockdowns

-->NO BAN of Gas & Oil cars, trucks, vehicles, lawnmowers

-->NO BAN of using Natural gas in your homes or private property


Choice is yours Houston.

God Help Me.

                                                                                     -- Naoufal Houjami                             


I have been dismayed, and saddened, at the amount of political division between our “politicians” and their inability to progress our communities forward.

By politically polarizing issues, we have divided our “parties” and have come to an impasse in making decisions that could lead to a more positive direction for our cities and State. Houston and Texas, all working together, can create and ensure a shared and sustainable future for our growing communities.
Our elected officials jobs should be to ensure our community’s safety, promote a positive environment for families to live in, students to learn in, and businesses to grow in. We live in a remarkable communities, filled with talented and educated people who want serve their State.

I think %100 it’s time to bring in new blood, new faces, progressive thinking, and most importantly, progressive action.‚Äč


Brighter present and future for All Texans starts by standing against racism and all kinds of discrimination, because we are All HUMAN BEINGS. And we must treat each other as a Human Being based on Respect and Dignity regardless of which ethnic background, race, color, gender, age, religion, or no religion, economic status or any differences....just Human Being.



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