Naoufal Houjami is an 🇺🇸 American Politician, over 25 years of Experience as Businessman, US National Security Strategist, Former Texas Chairman & Vice-chairman National Executive Committee of the MWP with over 55,000 Veterans Members, Former Candidate Mayor of Houston and Harris County Judge, Author, with Extensive International Experience in many countries in Africa, Europe, Mideast, Fluent in many languages, Master in Strategy & Risk Management, Inventor, Composer, Volunteer, Honorable X (formally Twitter) Community Notes Contributor, Husband and Father of 4 kids who born and raised in Houston Texas where He lives with his family.

His famous quotes:

"Building Strong families --> leads to Strong Communities -->leads to Strong City --> leads to Strong State and that --> leads to Strong Nation."

"Everyone deserves an opportunity because opportunity opens doors for prosperity"

"it might take time but at the end i get there"

"The Allegiance to America is Measured By the actions of giving and sacrifice not by the intentions..."


"My patience is stronger than the patience itself,
My motivation is alive than the life itself,
My determination is Powerful than the power itself,
Nothing stops me to achieve my dreams, my goals and my life
Because I am a fighter,
I am a survivor,
I am a believer,
Made in the hood.”