I want prosperity for All Houstonians and Texans and the core of my Plan:


1- Fixing the Crisis of Affordable Housing: A/ The creation of the mortgage payment assistant program (MPAP) for middle-class and low income working Texans families ESPECIALLY with kids or senior citizens living with them. It will pay up to %45 of the total mortgage MONTHLY payments, it will stabilize the financial situation for millions of Texans
B/ I will bring NEW developers, Financial institutions and the Government together to create Affordable Apartments in midsize high rises, to be built from strong bricks, and materials with excellent design and living area for under $35000 . And Homes Price MAX = $100,000 or less.
C/ Rent Cap on housing especially the ones who got grants, free lands to build affordable housing in Houston.


2- Improve flood recovery and resiliency efforts.

3- Improve transparency and ethical practices in our government.


4- lower Crimes and gun violence: As families, communities, and city reel from terrible daily tragedies, we must vow to change our culture and our policies and to stop this cycle of violence. We should be able to live in our homes, send our children to school, pray in our houses of worship, shop in our local malls, and walk through our streets and neighborhoods without being shot. Together we can take action in the memory of those who died and insist that this never happen again.

I believe Lack of employment and economic opportunities increases the risk for gun violence. Promoting equitable access to education programs, job training, and employment programs with mentorship for residents of neighborhoods with concentrated disadvantage, especially young people can be effective in reducing gun violence.
- I will bring public and private partners together to invest in disadvantaged neighborhoods services, activities, and improvements, to reduce violence, including gun violence.
-Also, universal background checks, supporting domestic violence bills, and gun violence restraining orders.
- A mandatory training and licensing for owners, safe and secure gun storage, community safety plans
that include prevention and intervention. Expand access to high quality, culturally competent,
coordinated, social, emotional, and mental health supports and address the impact of trauma.
- Establish accountability for sworn officers and private security. We must consider the role of new
technologies from fingerprint scanners to PIN codes and RFID chips, to increase the safety of guns and
gun storage.


5- Fix the growing unfunded liabilities and structural budget deficit.


6- Build 1 Nuclear Reactor in Houston by 2035 to avoid any power outage during any Winter Ice Storm like Uri or Any Disaster.


7- Farmers and Ranchers are the Heart of Texas and America, full support by making EZ PROCESS for grants.


8- Energy Industry, full support by making EZ PROCESS.


Brighter present and future for All Texans starts by standing against racism and all kinds of discrimination, because we are All HUMAN BEINGS. And we must treat each other as a Human Being based on Respect and Dignity regardless of which ethnic background, race, color, gender, age, religion, or no religion, economic status or any differences.